Accepted papers

  • The Practice of Web Product Design and Development Course Design – Xiaoxuan Wang (College of Modern Service Shenyang, Liaoning); Jiale Gao (College of Modern Service Shenyang, Liaoning)
  • The Garden of Earthly Delights: Constructing and Revising a Web Development Textbook – Ricardo Hoar (Mount Royal University); Randy Connolly (Mount Royal University)
  • Emerging a Web Science Curriculum – Elisabeth Coskun (University of Southampton); Su White (University of Southampton)
  • Evaluating the use of a MOOC within Higher Education Professional Development Training – Lucy Ractliffe (Hartpury University Centre); Kate Mori (Hartpury University Centre)
  • Collaborative social learning: rewards and challenges in mainstream Higher Education – Lisa Harris (University of Southampton); Nicholas Fair (University of Southampton); Sarah Hewit (University of Southampton)
  • Experiences with curricula for a BSc and MSc in Web Development: 2008-2016 – Brigitte Jellinek (Salzburg University of Applied Sciences)
  • Teacher preparation for the digital literacy applying ubiquitous learning – Andreja Istenic Starcic (University of Ljubljana); Ziga Turk (


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