Relevance / Motivation


This workshop is the first Web Education / Digital Literacies workshop to be held at a WWW Conference. The dynamics of Web Education and Digital Literacies are among today’s most important issues surrounding the development of the Web as an efficient, safe and universal information system.

Too often Web education is understood as teaching web technologies or development techniques. However, teaching the Web itself in all its various aspects has become essential to our understanding of the role of the Web in every dimension of human activity and developing better understandings of its mechanisms for the user.

A wide range of disciplines including sociology, economics, political studies, health and management science have integrated courses and specializations to teach the Web, its nature, its realities, its impact its evolution and its integration into every dimension of human activity.

We are keen to encourage a very broad community of participants. Whether you are a professor involved in digital literacy programs or courses, a consultant empowering employees in a company, a student or faculty in an interdisciplinary program or an activist in an NGO teaching the Web to kids, you’re invited to submit your proposals to be presented at the Web Education Workshop.


  • Reflect on the current state of Web Education and digital literacy teaching initiatives in the world
  • Identify the variety of practices in Web Education across different countries, contexts and educational systems
  • Find coherence between different approaches to Web Science education
  • Identify key objectives for this community of practice and establish a roadmap for future activities

Expected outcomes

  • An updated, detailed picture of Web Education programs and practices in the World that could be used for dissemination.
  • The development of an international Web Education community
  • The creation and design of a collaborative platform to manage information, resources, teacher’s training, exchange of students or teachers, events, etc.

Targeted Audience

The workshop will be of interest to anyone involved in the creation or delivery of Web Education / digital literacies teaching programs, with experiences sought in the construction of modules, design of curricula, or peripheral teaching activities such as marketing of courses or integration within institutional or professional structures.